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Not our first Rodeo Folks! But, if you do some math of your own you will see we are not a “MEGA LENDER” hustling you like cattle through the chute. We’ve built our business One Loan at A Time. Every Borrower is unique and important at Peak.

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Who Are We?


Kansas Farm Family

self directed ira non recourse loans hard work and adversity

Hard Work and Adversity

The Sauer Family has roots back to Western Kansas. “Back in the Day” the Family actively worked the land. As times changed, so did the Family. That ultimately led to us getting the “Heck out of Dodge”, literally we lived in Dodge City. Through these times we learned the value of Hard Work and Adversity.


Grass Roots

self directed ira non recourse loans earning our worth

Earning Our Worth

“Landlord” was the term used when referring to prior Generations in the Family that owned rental property. Not Investor, Not Guru. Their beginnings were small, modest, and everything was Sweat Equity. As kids, the Sauer Brothers began to learn the business by mowing lawns and helping clean up and paint on tenant turnovers.


Industry Education

self directed ira non recourse loans industry and trade education

Industry and Trade Education

With time each individual in the Sauer Family gained industry education and experience that ultimately contributed to the Family’s efforts. Accreditations and Licensing as Realtors, Contractors, Home Inspectors, and Appraisers gave the family a well-rounded knowledge of several of the trades that go into the Industry.


Our First Rental

self directed ira non recourse loans our first rental

Our First Rental

2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, with just over 700 sq. ft. was the first rental owned by the Next Generation of the Sauer Family. All the rehab, improvements, and leasing done with their own 2 hands

Early 2000’s

Industry Experience

self directed ira non recourse loans diy

Do it Yourself

With a well-rounded education and a growing rental portfolio, the Sauer Family began business’s supporting other real estate investors. These included a Construction Company, a Maintenance Company, and a Property Management Company


Hard Money Lending

self directed ira non recourse loans a new beginning

A New Beginning

Over the years the Sauer Family continued to build its Rental Portfolio while running supportive Companies for numerous Investors along the way. Cresting at over 200 rentals at one point the Sauer Family decided to consolidate and focus on the one item that every transaction involved, Money. More specifically, Lending. This shift in focus led to the beginning of their first lending company.

Mid 2000’s


self directed ira non recourse loans lending growth explosion

Lending Growth Explosion

From the early 2000’s until 2009, Real Estate and Lending was on a sky-rocketing trajectory. The Sauer Family rode that rocket up and…..


The Collapse

self directed ira non recourse loans humility


The real estate and financial market collapse beginning in 2009 was widespread, including Us, yielding tests of character and resilience. Humbled the Sauer Family persevered in an industry left in tatters with new found clarity and unshakable values to lead them into the “next Chapter”.

Early 2010’s

New Beginnings

self directed ira non recourse loans new beginnings new paths

New Beginnings, New Paths

With an industry left in tatters, the Sauers dusted themselves off and got back up. The Collapse left a real estate market ripe for opportunity. The first wave, Foreign Investors swept in with favorable currency exchanges and faith in the American economy and began buying as much real estate as they could. Riding this wave, Peak began lending again to help these “unbankable” Investors leverage their funds and increase their US holdings. And so began the next Chapter…


The Pandemic

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Who would have ever imagined that a pandemic would bring the entire US to a shut down. While other Lenders stopped lending (some permanently), Peak kept supporting our Investors and Builders. This resiliency catapulted Peak’s new construction programs past competitors where we remain to this date.


PEAK Asset Lending

peak asset lending leader in real estate property investment loans logo

A Leader in the Industry

Through the years, Peak has established itself as one of the premier, non-bank, asset-based Lenders in the Country. From Foreign Investors to Retirement Plan accounts, Peak continues to support a broad base of Investors.

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