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We offer a variety of loans depending on your purpose. Peak Asset Lending provides loans for almost every imaginable investment strategy—some may be new to you! Here are some of the loans we offer for investment properties:


Signature product used for purchase of rental property. We offer credit and non-recourse loans at competitive rates starting for rental properties.


Looking to buy and flip a rental property? We have you covered with a short-term loan that gives you time to make improvements and resell the property.

New construction

We can help you with a new construction loan for your build to sell or build to rent property.


30-year mortgages are available for rental properties, and we offer credit and non-recourse loans with competitive rates. We also offer short-term and cash-out refinances, so you can cash out of your existing real estate investments.

Rehab to Perm

We offer you the funding and flexibility you need to make improvements to the property you’re purchasing. Once you complete the updates, the interest rate drops for the remainder of the loan’s life. This loan type is popular because it’s basically two loans with one closing, so the loan includes a year for construction and the mortgage.

Need a loan from this list for an investment property? Reach out today!

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